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Activity Booklets:
1. Water Conservation - A coloring and activities book. 500 booklets available on a first come, first serve basis.

Computer Programs:
2. Groundwater Education - Program designed for use on IBM or IBM compatible computers. Program distributed free from USEPA.

3. 5th Grade - Think Earth, Environmental Education Program. Focuses on protecting the quality of our air, water, and soil. Students learn about various pollution problems - smog, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, groundwater and soil pollution, and surface water and ocean pollution. They learn how these problems are caused by human activities and what the effects are on the environment. Finally, they learn everyday behaviors they can use to help minimize pollution.

4. 7th to 9th Grades - The Ten Day Water Environment Curriculum is designed to be utilized in a ten day format: nine days of classroom instruction and a field trip on the tenth day. The materials have been organized to facilitate the teaching of the various topics related to the water environment. Topics include: the water cycle, dissolved oxygen, drinking water, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, micro-organisms, solids processing, groundwater and water conservation.

5. 7th to 12th Grades - Water, Water Everywhere is a program for studying environmental science, designed especially for, but not limited to, students in grades 7 through 12. It integrates reading, discussion and hands-on science, and activities can be conducted in the classroom and/or in the field. Developed by teachers for teachers, WWE is dedicated to the firm belief that learning about water can be fun.

6. Groundwater Flow Model - This model can be used to demonstrate groundwater flow and contamination.

7. EnviroScape Groundwater Model - This model can be used to demonstrate How Water Pollution Occurs (this demo shows the origin of both point and nonpoint sources of water pollution and how a watershed works) and How You Can Prevent Water Pollution (this demo illustrates practical solutions for keeping pollutants from entering the waterbody). The demonstration can be adapted for the full range of ages (K-adult) and can last from 15 minutes to an hour.

Music (cassette type):
8. Excuse Me, Sir, That's My Aquifer! - Folk music has long been a voice of social consciousness. It seems quite natural to express concerns regarding our environment using this format. Ann Bailey does not use the hard-hitting sledge hammer approach that was prevalent in the folk music of the 1960's. Instead, Ann uses humor and a voice filled with optimism and hope to raise our awareness and spur us on to personal action.

9. Waterhog Haven, VHS, 6 minutes - Teach kindergarten through third grade children the value of water conservation with this comical video produced under the direction of the San Diego County Water Authority.

10. Down the Drain, VHS, 30 minutes - Narrated by the well-known child spokesperson, Stephanie Yu, this video uses an investigative news format to teach children about the water cycle, water pollution, and water treatment. It was developed for children in grades 4 to 9 by Children's Television Workshop.

11. Take A Look . . . Rain, VHS, 10 minutes - Meet Jeffrey, who isn't too excited about having to spend his day indoors because of rain. Although rain dampens Jeffrey's day, he uses the experience to find out why the water cycle is so important to our world. The program was developed by TV Ontarior for elementary students.

12. What Do You Know About H20?, VHS, 22 minutes - This video tape presentation is full of fun and interesting facts about water. Narrated by well known TV commentator Dr. Frank Field, it points out some amazing statistics about how much water we use and make. Fast-moving and entertaining, this video is ideal for students in grades 7 through 12.

13. Water Gift of Life, VHS, 50 minutes - The Nature Company has put together a breath taking video experience depicting the beauty of water. The original music score delicately interweaves with the natural rhythms of water and eloquent narration by Gregory Peck. It's suitable for students in 4th grade through high school.

14. Big Fears, Little Risks, VHS, 30 minutes - This compelling and informative video provides a much-needed new perspective on chemicals in our environment and their effects on human health. Narrated by the venerable newscaster, Walter Cronkite, the video features seven of the world's leading experts on biochemistry, cancer, toxicity, agricultural science and public safety. This video is a powerful youth education tool, ideal to show to high school students.

15. Your Water, Your Life, VHS, 28 minutes - This video provides graphic, detailed information about cities and towns which have experienced water contamination problems, and the methods residents used to combat industrial waste producers. A review of the water cycle, and contamination's part in the degredation of the water quality are discussed in detail. This video would be ideal for high school students and adults.

16. The Adventures of Ethel Mermaid and Tad Pole, Volume 1, The Hydrologic Cycle, VHS, 10 minutes - NEW Tad and Ethel follow the hydrologic cycle: the process where water moves from one point to the next and one place to another. Steps: water storage, evaporation, transpiration, precipitation. Ideal for children ages 7 through 12.

17. The Adventures of Ethel Mermaid and Tad Pole, Volume 2, From the Source to the Tap, NEW VHS, 9 minutes - Tad and Ethel speak to Dr. Flo about how a water source goes to the tap. Steps: water treatment, distribution system, pressures to the tap, used water down drain, back to source. Ideal for children ages 7 through 12.

18. The Adventures of Ethel Mermaid and Tad Pole, Volume 3, Water Treatment, VHS, 9 NEW minutes - Water comes from lakes, rivers, and streams into the water treatment plant. Tad and Ethel talk to Mr. Tubbs about how raw water is turned into drinking water. Ideal for children ages 7 through 12.

19. The Adventures of Ethel Mermaid and Tad Pole, Volume 4, Source Protection, VHS, 9 NEW minutes - Tad and Ethel go to Ethel's old home, Crystal Lake, and they talk to Dr. Flo about following safety rules to keep water pollution to a minimum. Ideal for children ages 7 through 12.

20. The Adventures of Ethel Mermaid and Tad Pole, Volume 5, Fun Water Facts, VHS, 9 NEW minutes - Tad Pole becomes the answer toad. He and Ethel answer people's questions about water facts for 25 cents a question. Ideal for children ages 7 through 12.

21. The Hydrologic Cycle, Water in Motion, VHS, 20 minutes - With live action video and NEW computer graphics, understand how water moves through the hydrologic cycle. Discover how natural events affect evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and storage. With increasing demand for usable fresh water, learn why the use and misuse of this precious Earth resource is a global environment concern. Grades 7 through 12.



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